by Malu E.Gacuma

October 18,2011



It’s not about panic.It’s not about sowing fear,nor hysterics,not even paranoia.


This is what I have confirmed from a recent experience,from a worm’s eyeview,whygenuine environmentalists ,as I prefer calling them ( to segregate the ‘grains’ from the ‘chaffs’) unceasingly call for the conservation and preservation of Mother Earth’s resources,despite incessant booing from anti-environmentalists,whom I call ‘the antagonists’.


As someone wrote :”Mankind is part of nature, not necessarily its enemy.


I must add, that from mankind alone lies the hope that the present and future generation –our children and their offsprings,to be exact– can and will enjoy,relish,experience and benefit from these natural resources.


Obviously,this is the battlecry of every genuine environmentalist.It is not my forte to delve on any argument whether genuine environmentalists should be deemed as unsung heroes or whether the antagonists indeed make sense with their own line of reasoning.


What I know is ,genuine environmentalists steadfastly guard their advocacies with consistency, selflessness, self-sacrifice ,sincerity and a lot of guts.They tend to practice what they preach,right in their own backyard…within their own household…in their own lifestyle.They are their own role models for the rest of society to emulate from. They act on their beliefs. And they adhere to the “rippling effect” of raising consciousness with one small selfless act,from  which they pin their hopes of conveying their message to the world.


You would know  genuine environmentalists by their attitude towards a certain environmental project they are involved with.They tend to start things small, slow but sure, ensuring progress on each invested effort.They are willing to wait for productive results .


Patience, That seems to be their dominant trait. No one rushes Mother Nature,be reminded.


Anti-environmentalists accuse  them of “predicting boiling rivers, of “forecasting imminent apocalypse”, and of causing uncalled for hysterics.These are the same antagonists who believe about the “benefits of pesticide” in yielding more produce ,as well as more and more trees being grown,and who theorize that “greenhouse gases are caused by nature,not by man.”


These are the same antagonists who shoot their poisoned arrows straight from their air-conditioned offices, who rub elbow with  the rich and powerful with whom they share guilt with in abusing the abundance of our natural resources.


I noticed that while genuine environmentalists prefer the slow-but-sure methods to yield much produce with health-friendly profits while protecting the environment,  the antagonists prefer the short-cut,modern methods yielding more produce with more monetary profits,regardless of blatant disrespect for Mother Nature.


Yet, with one experience,minute as it was, I was convinced that genuine environmentalists make more sense.I was opportuned to have chatted online with one such person, and the chat led to a small mangrove-planting project in one small  yet geographically-strategic  barangay in  my place.


Close to 700 hundred mangrove propagules were planted by almost 60 volunteers on September 17,2011.It was my first time  to experience walking thru the sucking mud, murky as it was,that the first sight of it was quite discouraging.

But once immersed  near knee-deep, I realized that the effort was wholehearted ,as everyone later on had fun,planting the seedlings with ease…each propagule set at one meter or two apart from each other for enough space to grow their roots.


I overheard one lady volunteer ,telling her 7-year-old son, after the activity :”We will return here,every year, on your birthday, to watch them grow like you.” It was  encouraging,how such motherly line can motivate a younger mind.


It dawned on me, that this was the “ripplling effect” being conveyed by genuine environmentalists.All it takes is a volunteering spirit, a touch of foresight, and an innermost desire to pursue the advocacy.


To listen and act upon that calling maybe a personal choice, but makes us all  doers of the word. All it takes is the simplest effort of planting a seed and watching it grow.No talk.In so doing, both genuine environmentalists and the antagonists can meet halfway,on a higher non-competitive ground.


I pray it would be a ground fertile enough for planting more and more seeds…..seeds of Wisdom this time.


For the sake of their children and their children’s children.


The antagonists’ children,I  mean.


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