by Malu E.Gacuma

October 12,2012 (11:00 am)

(*photo credits: to owners)


In your mother’s womb, you safely  slept

in the water of Life blessed by your Creator.

Your ears were filled with her hummed melody

as she stared at  the moon in its grandeur.

In your first cry of pain, I gave you air to breathe,

a welcoming gesture of your birth.

I wrapped you with the gentlest breeze,

and listened to your wordless mirth!


At the moment your name was fairly chosen,

I sent you the gift of  water from my treasures;

a gift so sacred that you will be christened

A warrior to  protect all lving  creatures.

In your quest for Life, I gave you all my wealth:

a vast expanse to explore in awe and wonder,

an endless foodchain for your sinewy strength,

even painted the skies and seas for your pleasure.


What have you done in return, my friend?

Why is the sunrise dimmed these days?

Your quest for Life now leads to its end,

as you cast your shadow of greed in a haste.

Where are the rivers where you once bathed as a child?

Why are the greenfields scarce and so brown?

Your passion for glory has grown to be so  wild,

wanting more treasures for you to own.


Why do you unearth my  gifts for the young one ?

Is your insatiable hunger causing you to crave?

For every step you make to destroy my kingdom,

is not each step leading you to your own grave?

Hear this prayer echo from your mother’s womb

That will awaken  you from knowing where truth rests upon:

“My death in your hands marks none but   your tomb.

It is the law of nature  you can’t escape.. It says we ‘re  ONE.”



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