Yesterday gave me an experience that will always remain more mysterious than overwhelming.

The weeks had been exhausting and the recent days had been equally challenging as one task after the other keep coming, making me feel like someone trying so hard to hold back each grain of sand as they overflowed from my hands. So, i decided to turn back to the Scriptures each day that wondrously gave me renewed strength and enthusiasm.

However,there was something else beyond all these daily circumstances that are happening beyond my control.It was a nagging feeling that seemed to be cocooned in a question that  I would fend off each morning:

‘Why am I always being  led back to all these things  I am presently doing in this earthly life?’

The answer came yesterday.

After a long day under a very capricious weather,I had to rush to an appointment with Mr. Jopy Plotria, Station Manager of  RMN- iFM 94.3 mHz (Bacolod City).


Serafin ‘Jopy’ Plotria,Station Manager of Radio Mindanao Network’s iFM 94.3  mHz -Bacolod

We discussed the final details of our environmental and humanitarian project partnership to be held  on October 5 ,as well as his prior invitation for me to be their Guest Speaker on October 13 for their whole-day  network project dubbed as “Radio Works Academy”.

They asked  me to empower a group of Mass Communication students along with their DJs and  AM Radio personalities by sharing my analysis which were earned and learned as a broadcast journalist before.

Halfway through the jolly conversation, Jopy suddenly gave me a  serious look and said:

” Actually, I really am worried if we can afford your rate, you know, that little something for your time and presence for us.”

He mentioned asking his co-employee/anchor, Agnes Apostol,about me and I’m glad she had a good word about me since we were previously colleagues in Bombo Radyo,-Phils ` DYWB in the ’90s. (Ironically, Bombo Radyo was the on-air ratings nemesis of RMN here in Bacolod during our days.)

I knew immediately what Jopy  meant.And smiled at him while saying:

” Whatever you have there,please don’t give it to me.Instead,use it to buy bread and make sandwiches or whatever food  you can come up with.Then give it to to the poor you can find in the streets.Please choose the poorest.”

He fell silent ,I could read the disbelief in his face,as he asked:” Really? You want me to do that?”

I nodded, then suggested he would involve his family or Disc Jockeys in such random act of kindness.

Jopy’s expression slowly turned to excitement as he  began thinking aloud on what he would do:

“Yes, it would be great driving around the city and share the blessings that way! We do humanitarian works but twice a year through our network projects.Personally, I have been quite busy and this will be a big break!”

Thus, I assured him:

” Not all the time in our lives we’re on top and have it all. There are times we are left with nothing when we sometimes hit it rock-bottom.

By then, you can look back to this gesture and realize  how this experience can be your  healing balm , at the same time your oasis of faith.”

Then I sealed our agreement with one condition:

“Please do it at all cost. I don’t have to see you do it.know the Lord will bless you for that.It’s between you and Him now.”

Jopy  smiled back and nodded, assuring me he would. Conversation sealed.

As I left Jopy’s office, I had suddenly  felt a surging feeling of  inner peace.  It felt like a warm embrace from somewhere or a very comforting blanket of tranquility and joy!

That very moment,I knew it was the right decision.

Another seed of gratitude planted. It’s one of those tiny seeds from the fruits of what I call  a ‘Tree of gratitude‘ that grows steadily in my earthly life.

This intangible tree is nurtured by some  treasured people who, in their own silent ways,also help me go through the rough and tumble of Life.

Insodoing, my life’s ‘Tree of Gratitude‘ will keep growing…rooted somewhere..with someone…whose spiritual life may change for the better, the way it changed me.

As my late father always counseled me:

“The only thing to do with a good gesture is to pass it on”.

May that gesture be a humble legacy.


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