by   Malu E.Gacuma

May 11,2012 (Friday) @ 530 am

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” The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”

What more can best describe a mother?  She,whose role in this world can be magnified close to divinity. She – who is considered a ‘primary nurturer” of her children. Her ties bind us beyond the biological aspect of Life.

Yes , ‘motherhood‘ is indeed the highest and holiest calling to be assumed by mankind. In as far as selfless devotion and service are concerned, any mother is placed “next to the angels” by respect.

No wonder ,there are countless men and women who helped shape our world history,who admitted that they were greatly influenced  by their mothers.

Who would not be grateful to a woman who chooses to render her moral duty as a mother and a homemaker– to bear, to nourish, to nurture, to care and love, to train and discipline?

Her hard ,yet ,often unheralded work is challenged only by one thing: fatigue.She still continues to assume both joys and pains of her children.Such devotion!

We can show our deepest gratitude to her  not merely by words, but by actions to make life easier for her. Her smiles and her songs would lighten up her home and radiate beyond its walls.

Maybe it is for this reason that Mother’s Day is perceived to be our modern-day calendar’s most meaningful date, next to Christmas,which  also subtly  depicts motherhood.

Unnoticeably, there is also one mother who still yearns to be appreciated, cared for, loved, respected and protected.


She has almost all the attributes of our biological mothers : patience, endurance, productivity, self-reliance, gentleness,etc.

She also nurtures us and provides for us from the bounty of her bosom, from the abundance of her  coffers, from the  purity of her wealth, from the yields of her own produce.

Like any of our mothers, she also manifests her own tantrums ,at times even her unpredictable wrath. It is best not to provoke her.

She is almost human, by her very nature. She is  not. However, she plays a pivotal,crucial role in our lives. We cannot live nor survive without breathing her, feeling her, touching her,hearing her. She is always with us–‘from womb to tomb.’

Her name is Mother Nature.

Isn’t it about time we must see her in a more meaningful way?


EARTH DAY, 2012:  A young volunteering mother (Mrs.Grace del Castillo) from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during our ESP  treeplanting event.I overheard her telling her son :”Someday,we will come back here and this will  be a very big tree,while you will be a big,young man.” Very heartwarming!

What we take from her coffers, we must oblige ourselves to replace more than once- just like when we pay the bills to free our mothers from worries?

What we find lacking in her, we must  willingly work on to improve or enhance – just like when we treat our mothers to a relaxing day in a beauty salon or spa?

Whatever talent, resources or skills we have  we can use sensibly, such as encouraging more volunteers  to her advantage–just like when we invite our friends to help or entertain our mothers?

What we have abundantly and yet often misuse (that which we call Time ), we can offer her as our gift –just like when we choose to stay at home and bond with our mothers?

Most of all , we may use words to change her world.But it is our actions that would make her world turn better.

Only when we all share and experience this so-called ‘paradigm shift‘ ( or simply put : a change of mindset or attitude) , only by then do we  begin experiencing her gentle breeze embracing us, her whispered lullaby in the soft rustles of leaves, her graceful dance by the swaying of grasses and trees…..that is the unspoken  language of Mother Nature .

For every mother, it would be best to share this mindset to her children. The hand that rocks the cradle may not only rule the world.

It  also plants a tree.

As a signature. As a legacy.

Such is the very nature of a Mother.


EARTH DAY,2012: With my 3 girls (L-R) Christienne Marie, Christa Lou and Christiana Claudia during our ESP Treeplanting ,Medical/Dental Mission & Outreach event in Barangay Alangilan, Bacolod City.


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