‘A CONVERSION BEYOND BAPTISM (The Day I Quit)’ by Malu E.Gacuma (written: March 20,2014)

Start by doing what’s necessary…then do what’s possible…and suddenly, you’re doing the impossible.’

A synopsis of my life.?


It had been a difficult spiritual journey EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life since I was baptized as an LDS on February 25,1990.Countless reasons held me back then from pursuing total subservience and obedience to the righteous doctrines of the Church. However,promptings from the Holy Spirit never ceased,and it was like trying to walk on a path I want but was always re-directed to another path I need to be.Heeding to these promptings always end up good.

It is true,There is a big difference between baptism and conversion.I used to boast being the only Mormon who must have stayed the ‘shortest period of time as member,11 days to be exact from baptism‘.

I returned to being a Catholic but it was like drowning in the sea of unanswered questions,mostly about pre-mortal and afterlife.These were all found in LDS doctrines,and my mind and heart finally settled.


Cebu Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,which became my inspiration

However, the earthly influences of nicotine and caffeine were strong,and I may attend Services since my return to being an LDS in 2007 but I did not partake the sacred Sacrament.

It was a very lonely experience,the longing to renew my covenant with our Lord by Sacrament,But I could just stare at the rest, knowing I wasn’t worthy.

No one interferes with anyone’s desire to quit a vice or bad habit. It was an unspoken knowledge that no one is perfect and each had a struggle,as testimonies showed.

All I had to do was to voluntarily act upon my ‘free agency’ or willpower,of which mine was at its weakest.

Those vice were addictive and enslaving and chained me by giving a false adrenaline shot and false sense of relief and relaxation.Worst of all was ,it made me live a double -standard life..because I hated what I did but kept doing it!


During my -day-hospitalization  @ Rm.201,Bacolod Doctors Hospital from June 19-24,201

So I started to keep reading the Scriptures and sought advice from our Church leaders led by our Bishop..

For 26 years of being enslaved to the said unhealthy habits, I had finally quit them absolutely last June 2014.

jogging july 11,2014

July 2014: Started jogging at 5am as a newly-adopted lifestyle change!

My first act of partaking our Sacrament–the blessed bread and water–was one of the most relished experiences I have in this life!! It felt like being reconnected to an old,pure self,no words fit any description of that euphoric feeling.Or it could be victorious feeling,to be specific.

Conversion it was .Readily, it was like an oasis of hope inspiration,faith and courage overflowed from inside me that fueled my desire to be Endowed and be eternally- free from any such enslavement.

exercise 2 @ 545am july 8,2014.jpg

Exercise routine at 6am

The opposition may have ranted and raved,thus I got hospitalized twice with my body chemistry going haywire and stress insisted on interfering.It was excruciating pain for weeks to suffer,I could hardly stand ,had a vision impairment and could hardly breathe.


Before my hospitalization: My daughters  Christa Lou  (extreme right),Christienne Marie and Christiana Claudia (middle) Gancayco

My daughters stood pat and I am blessed for their resiliency,patience and even most often, humor,when it was needed most.

.Prayers,perseverance, faith and a highly-optimistic goal of ENTERING THE TEMPLE WORTHILY was always etched in my mind as an inspiration.

Last December, I was fully declared hale and healthy! Miracles began pouring in and I felt as if a pathway was being cleared leading me to the achievement of a much-desired dream

I was finally Endowed on March 17,2015 and entered the very sacred Celestial Room with renewed covenants with our Lord.


March 2014: Finally receiving my Temple Recommend  from our Ward Bishop,Rollin Pioquinto,of Bacolod 1st Ward-Galo. It was validated  by the Temple on March 17 after my  Endowment.


Stepping out of the Temple right after our Endowment (outgoing missionary Ednalyn Tabay and me), here with our Relief Society colleagues an assigned ‘escorts’,sister Lolit Cobing for me (wih brown bag) and sister Flor Murcillos for sister Tabay.

My life will never be the same again.Why? Because it is more meaningful: that we are in this world but not of this world. It has a definite purpose: to serve the Lord and others.

It is like a whole new ,final chapter of my life is now slowly unfolding! For all it is worth,let it be said and done.

I am prepared. 🙂

This is a testimony that I give in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.


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