‘AS BARE AS A CHRISTMAS TREE’ by Malu E. Gacuma , Jan. 4,2017 @ 11:30 pm


Today,  I had taken down all Christmas decors and trimmings around the house and last to go was our Christmas tree.It was the only Yuletide symbol that gave me a tug-of-war of feelings, wanting it to stay at its corner a bit longer.

I stared at the tree at its barest and realized how its contrasting images can also be symbolic of how we live our lives.We may be adorned with all earthly achievements and all material acquisitions but deep inside us is our real person, at its barest, that God  adorned with values, dreams and aspirations!

We need not compromise this true self we have just to satisfy the whims of this world. We must let our countenance shine from within, fueled by faith and compassion. We must be as genuinely bare as the real Christmas tree!

The adorned tree served its purpose as it gave us all a happy ambience. the occasion demanded from it. Now, its bare version still serves its purpose by humbly taking the backseat, waiting to play its vital role again next Christmas.

Either way, it helped make me see 2017 with a perspective from a higher , spiritual ground. A lesson learned from a humble, unadorned  Christmas tree.  🙂


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