‘SERENADE IN A DREAM’ by Malu E. Gacuma, Jan. 4,2017 @ 8am

Is it strange or is it funny, how one dream can abruptly change your judgment and perspective?

I recently dreamt of my late estranged husband choosing an OPM song for me while we are in what seemed to be a party.His voice had a happy tone as he said “I really like that song for you! “ so I sang its minus-one version but kept faltering because,well, it wasn’t my type!

I woke up and my 3 girls wondered when I asked for the title of that OPM while giving out some of the lyrics. My eldest daughter, Chickie,  ended the guessing game, saying the title is ‘Hulog Ng Langit‘ by Donna Cruz. (The title in Tagalog has ‘hulog‘ or ‘ dropped’ and ‘langit‘ or skies/ heavens. Translating the title in a crude and literal manner would make it mean ‘thrown out from the heavens‘ instead of its real meaning ‘ a blessing from heaven.’ )

In reality, the song annoyed me because months ago, a love-struck neighbor nearby kept playing it full blast,day in and day out and I had enough of it! So I jested to my girls: “What a title! Was your father serenading me or did he really want to edge me out of heaven?”

In truth, it left a good feeling. And yes, I’m starting to like that song..although just a bit.:)


(File photo) December 1996 : With my late estranged husband and our 1 yr.& 9 mo.old daughter,Chickie.


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