‘The Foible of My Youth (My Most Embarrassing Moment)’ by Malu E. Gacuma (March 17, 2017)

Last night,I saw the photo of a handsome local actor named Ian Veneracion, I was quickly thrown back to my hometown Fabrica, in the early 1980s.I was barely 17 yrs.old and naive.

My late Mommy and siblings wondered why I insisted to ‘run an errand‘ one Thursday, between 10-11am, just to go to nearby Paraiso market (a 15-minute walk from our house).

The reason? Every such day, there was that Coca-Cola agent ( a very tall Veneracion dead-ringer!)  whose delivery truck always parked in front of his client’s store . I found him that morning. He was standing beside his vehicle and was  facing my direction. I was across the street.

ian v 3

Excitedly, I walked as slowly as I can, feigning not to notice him.I looked down and pretended to be busily reading a list of things . (Actually it was just a small paper on which Mommy wrote only one word: the brand of the 4 threads I had to buy! )

At the corner of my right eye, I can see him stop and how he stared..My heart pounded !! My mind screamed crazily “He noticed ME!!! Finally! ”

ian v 2

And, his eyes started to widen, his jaw started to hang, as if he saw the most beautiful girl in the world passing by ! Was he? When I looked at him and we locked eyes, I noticed his eyes had a different expression! Widened eyes..was it excitement? No , it was different!

In those few seconds, I shyly looked away and then ..WHAMMM!!

I smashed my forehead at the rear end of a sugarcane truck that had just parked without me noticing!! Stars started flying on broad daylight! 😀

I felt the heat rushed to my head! Head-to-rear collision just occurred! A reddish lump was born on my forehead !

That incident made me spell the word ‘embarrassment‘ perfectly!
I never went to that  market on Thursday mornings from then on.

ian v 5


(Writer’s note: Credits due to photo owner/s.)


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