‘Breeding Ladies Among Women’ by Malu E. Gacuma (April 8,2017, Saturday )



Recently, in our family conversations, choice of words do matter if we want to prove to our children what we mean by what we do.

Like, last night, I found one of my daughters’ Facebook photos, showing her sticking out her tongue, which seems to be a ‘normal practice‘ in social media nowadays.

I politely asked her to take her photo down,explaining to her that it is ‘unladylike‘ at the subtle side. And ‘sensual” in the eyes of some men at the extreme side. She deleted it immediately.

As she discussed it with her two sisters,they asked me why I am so vigilant. I smiled and told them:

ME: “I’m trying my best, as your mother, to raise you all as LADIES and not only as young women.”

“What separates the two? “, they asked, as if in a chorus.

ME: “Simple. A lady has manners, ethics and etiquettes. You call that ‘breeding’. “

They fell silent, as if contemplating. Then, they slowly nodded. 🙂

Case closed.


church fam feb 12 2017

My daughters (L-R) : Christienne Marie, Christiana Claudia and Christa Lou


(NOTE: Originally posted on my main Facebook account, 4.8.2017 @ 10pm)


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