‘THAT STRANGE VOICE OF AN UNSEEN CHILD’ by Malu E. Gacuma (written on April 13,2017 (3:00 p.m.)

Memories of those ‘4 HUNTED DAYS’‘ in 2007 always return when Holy Week comes.I worked as a Newscaster/ Anchorperson for DWWW (AM Radio) 774 kHz. in E.Rodriguez, Quezon City.

I was staying, with my daughters  Chickie, Angel and Clay (then aged 12,10 and 9,respectively) ,  in that  old, huge compound with several wooden-and-cement structures where each staff and his/her family had privacy.I took the main bedroom on the 2nd floor of the ancestral house and converted it to a home.


dwww compound

2007: The 2nd floor main bedroom-turned-into-a-home in the ancestral house at the DWWW compound. Here our  family conducts Family Home Evening with our  Latter -day Saints colleagues from Quezon City 2nd Ward. The sliding glass window to the left was where the ‘voice’ resounded from.


One night, the 1st day: I suddenly heard a raspy voice of a child from a distance. “Mama!” – it called out, more than once. It was very unpleasant.Sinister,really! . It spoke like it was just next to my ear! “Mama!” the voice persisted at intervals of half an hour or more. I lost sleep.

2nd day : I called up the known paranormal researcher Jaime L. whom we usually interviewed. He told me that my ‘3rd  eye was open‘, thus I was hearing the voice of a dead child.

Jaime L. started to mutter some words , like a prayer, and blew the mouthpiece from his end. “There“, he said,” I closed your 3rd eye,Lu.You won’t hear that strange voice anymore”. I was so happy but not for long.

3rd day, as Chickie and I were talking, we heard it again: “Mama! Mama!” I froze. Chickie,embraced me tight. She said ” It’s saying ‘Mama’”. Then she trembled,’Mama, I’m afraid!”

Seeing my daughter scared, anger took over my fear. I started blabbering to the ‘unseen child’ to stop pestering us and I’ll do anything to fight it!



photo credits: Christienne Marie Gacuma Gancayco


Later,during our regular staff meeting with our boss, the late Bert Bacsal I complained and everyone turned their heads to me in disbelief.I sounded like I was at my wits’ end!  Boss Bert advised me to take a 1-day-off . ” It must be stress. You’ve been working hard. You need  to rest.” I knew he was trying to be polite. So I felt the urgency to prove to him and the rest there really was a voice!

Desperate, I called up  TV network ABS-CBN’s so-called ‘Spirit Questors’ who ran a program about their paranormal quests. Their Team Leader, a certain ” Roel” , cut me short as I gave him an overview, saying:

Tita, you have a 4th eye! actually I can see from my mind the owner of the voice.She is a little girl, about 5 or 6, and she sees her mother in you. Maybe you passed by a street where the accident happened, and her spirit followed you. You MUST change your haircut asap!”

I sported a long ,slightly-curled hair then.But, I rushed to the nearest salon and had a cropped haircut,like that TV talk show host Lolit Solis’ style!! ( My children protested , actually!)



2007, me and my cropped hair. at the time of the incident. Taken at the newsroom of DWWW 774 khz, here with my 3 daughters and with newswriter Mae Edejer beside us and another lady.


At past 1 pm, the more persistent voice came back! It’s daytime!

I returned to the studio and called Jaime L. again, who was busy because he was attending to “a complaint of actress Rosanna Roces” at the same time. ( She allegedly claimed that her paintings were being messed up,and Jaime L. told me he can see goblins as culprits!)

So,Jaime L. said, “ I’ll send someone to your place,Lu. He’s a known faith healer in Leyte but he works for me now exclusively. He’ll exorcise your place.Just follow his instructions.Your 4th eye is open.It is a rare phenomenon.”

4th day: Mang _____ arrived at our compound past 5pm. He asked for a ball of red and green yarn. Then he asked all ‘heads-of-the-family’ to hold the string and follow him. We did but more amusingly at first. He entered each main door from each unit.Then settled at the sala of Boss Bert’s driver, Ramir Castillo.

Mang ____ claimed that the voice’s owner was from that area, and has a ‘legion of devils’ behind it! We were all afraid, as the old man gathered us in the sala and surrounded us with lighted white candles.He mumbled in allegedly Latin for the next 10 minutes and it was over.

The voice did not return that night. So, I was jubilant again ! When I came home past 7 pm, I noticed all the staff and their family members milling outside the house’s main door, at the groundfloor.

When they saw me, they started laughing.They found where the ‘voice ‘ came from!


dwww quail

A similar scenario of a dying quail. Credits due this photo’s owner.

It was not a ‘dead child‘! It was not a legion of devils’ !

It was a QUAIL!!! A dying quail!

It was the flapping of its wings and hoarse voice that caused the sound. As the sound was carried by the wind, it was filtered by the wooden structures, then resonated through the sliding glass window leading to our room. It ended up in our ears as that  raspy, sinister child’s voice calling me “Mama!” Everyone heard it  until the poor thing died.

Chickie and I were unfortunate to have such sensitive ears , thus heard it ahead!

All’s well that ends well? Nope. That experience ended up with Jaime L. trying to bill me with Php 5,000 for the ‘spiritual service’, which I declined to pay , telling him about the quail, to his chagrin.
And I had to contend with my cropped mannish hair for months!

Oh, from then on, I ceased believing in Jaime L., those ‘spirit questors’ and about ‘3rd or 4th eyes’ !

Call it wisdom from a dead quail. Albeit dead quails tell no tales. 



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