I’LL NEVER TRUST A TINTED GLASS WINDOW AGAIN! by Malu E. Gacuma ( Facebook wallpost: May 20, 2017)

Never trust a tinted glass window! That’s the lesson I learned yesterday, when I went to the University of St.La Salle to fetch my daughters. I passed by Gate 2 which is accessible to The Spectrum office where they were.

Upon entering the gate, after the guard’s corner, to your right you would see a tinted glass window, colored dark brown actually. Too dark you ‘d hardly see anyone inside at first glance.

I stopped and made the window my mirror . I took my sweet time combing my hair just like any lady would do at home. After a few minutes, I felt confident again and smiled amiably at my reflection. No one could see me anyway.I thought so.

Then I looked closer to the tinted glass window.Did I just see someone moving inside? I stared harder beyond my reflection.

It was too late I noticed that all the while, there were two middle-aged gentlemen inside that office,actually facing me,just 2 meters away from the window!

When they saw me notice them, they both smiled and waved at me! I felt my face so flushed!

I disappeared from their view right that very minute!

(I’ll never,ever trust a tinted glass window again! )


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‘THE FAMILY THAT LAUGHS TOGETHER…’ by Malu E. Gacuma, May 12, 2017 ( Friday, 11:58 am)

Sometimes, our family conversations can abruptly shift from sensible to insensible or vice-versa, depending on everyone’s mood ,which usually borders to the crazy mode! But it always leaves me dumbfounded with my kids’ surprising lines! Consider these instances:

*(When I suddenly received little surprises from my 3 girls as they arrived home)*

ME: (happily) “Where do you get money to buy all these?
ANGEL (Christienne) : (naughtily) ” Don’t worry,Ma! No matter what happens, our kidneys will always be intact!” (*winks*)   (laughter)

*(Last night, while overhearing Chickie’s song playlist, mostly R&B , all of which are totally unfamiliar to me -both the songs and the artist/s, my curiosity heightened what made her so inclined to such genre)*

ME: ( giving Chickie a quizzical look) ” How do you ever find them? Why do you like those kinds of songs?”
Before she could answer, Claudia butted in:
CLAY: “Ma,don’t worry! Manang Chickie is a girl who is attuned to her own century.”
*(One morning, we overheard Chickie, who is petite with her 5 ft. height, sigh in relief, as she hung some washed clothes on the clothesline at our front yard.)*

ME: (teasingly) “Finally! You reached it! That’s a sign of progress!”
CHICKIE: (replies jubilantly, raises eyebrows) “ Well,that’s easy,Ma! If I can reach my dreams, how much more that simple clothesline? ”


To think I just taught these girls their ABCs!!


chigelay 2

My daughters Christa Lou ( Chickie), Christienne Marie ( Angel) and Christiana Claudia (Clay) Gacuma Gancayco



(Note: Originally posted on my Facebook wall, 11:58 am May 12,2017 ,Friday)